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Skilled Nursing

Observation & Assessments

On site INR /A1C Readings

Medication Administration & Management

Diabetic Care & Teaching

Vital Signs Monitoring

Post Hospital Nursing Care

Wound Care

Ostomy Care

Catheter Care

Tube Feeding Care


Patient Education

Physical Therapy

Home Exercise Programs

Prescribed Exercised Programs

Walk Training & Exercises

Rehabilitation Techniques

Rehabilitation Therapy

Symptom Control Education

Occupational Therapy

Perceptual Motor Skills

Activities of Daily Living Training

 Safety Training

Fine/Gross Motor Coordination

Strength and Endurance Training

Functional Mobility

Ambulation with Adaptive Devices

Speech Therapy

Home Speech and Language

Voice Disorder Treatments

 Exercise Program

Dysphagia (Swallowing) Treatments


Patient Education

Medical Social Worker

Social , Emotional Factors


Community Resource Planning

CNA-Home Health Aide

Provides safe & effective assistance with personal care & grooming needs under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.

Call us at 713-490-3222 and we will develop the proper care

plan for your needs.

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