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Q. What is home care and what does Corazon Homecare provide?

A- Corazon Homecare  provides a wide range of health care services provided in a patient'  s home, with a purpose of restoring and maintaining a maximum level of function, health and comfort. Home Care is a cost effective alternative to extended hospitalization, lengthy rehabilitation, or any nursing institutions. Most patients are more comfortable in their own home, and studies have shown that patients recover quicker in their familiar settings.

Q. Who would benefit from homecare?

A- You may benefit from home care if you are homebound and:

  • Recovering from a recent illness, surgery, accident or hospitalization.
  • In need of assistance in order to live independently at home, or to enhance the quality of life at home.
  • Have been recently discharged from a nursing care facility but need additional care.
  • In need of education/training regarding your health condition and how to manage it effectively at home.

Q. What kind of training do your Home Health Aides Have?

A- Corazon Homecare  Certified Home Health Aides are certified by the Texas Board of Nursing. All Home Health Aides must complete a specifically designed program that includes both classroom and clinical instruction. The program provides them with the knowledge and skills to provide home care.

Q. Who can you call for problems or concerns after office hours?

A- We are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Corazon Homecare provides a live answering service (Nurse) who will answer your call at any time.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A- Corazon Homecare has been in business since 2003.

Q. How soon can I arrange for Service?

A- Your first visit from a member of our staff will occur within 24 to 48 hours after your physician requests services. Staff will arrive sooner for any time sensitive care requested by your physician.

Q. How Often Will Corazon Staff Come to My Home?

A- All of your care is tailored to your specific needs and monitored by a physician. Once you have arrived home you will be assessed by one of our licensed medical professionals to determine the best care plan to help you recover. They will discuss this plan with you and your physician after the initial assessment. All visits are scheduled with you so that you always know when to expect our staff.

Q. Do I Qualify for Home Health Care?

A- To receive home health care you need the following:

  • A current primary care physician in the community.
  • Signed physician orders certifying that you need home health care, and what services you need. If you are discharged from a facility, these orders will be initiated by your discharging physician and followed by your physician.
  • Insurance providers require that patients be homebound in order to qualify for services. Homebound, by definition, means that it takes great or taxing effort  to leave your home.

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